R.I.P. Stormy

Killed senslessly while enjoying an after breakfast stroll on July 9, 2019 around 10 a.m. by yet another speeding driver on Airport Way in a big rush to get nowhere.

Stormy leaves behind her best malamute pal in the world Thor, her best human friend of three years Aurora (aged three and a half), her loving and heart-broken master Lindsay, and aunties Courtnay and Joanne.

In the words of Lindsay...

Yes... I am heartbroken I won’t see my baby anymore. I got her when my daughter was 6 months old so they have grown up together. This is beloved Stormy... she was three years old and grew up with my daughter Aurora. Independent but loving and hilarious. Loved to run wild and play in the grass and wild flowers... her best friend was our 100lb husky, malamute, wolf dog Thor. Her loud mews at the back door, and for fresh water in her bowl will be missed dearly.

It happened at the bottom of what the locals call red devil hill on Airport Way before Williamson’s lake. There are 9 houses on this strip and the accident happened somewhere by the first 4.

Western Painted Turtle Crossing

The Williamson Lake/Airport Marsh is home to one of the most northern populations of the Western Painted Turtle, a blue-listed (vulnerable species) and the only freshwater turtle native to British Columbia. The females cross Airport road in Revelstoke in late May to early July to lay their eggs. Please be cautious when driving towards the Airport on Airport Way between Williamson Lake and the Airport Marsh. CLICK HERE for more information on the Western Painted Turtle.

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