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A Smart Way to Connect wth Job Hunters

When you look at our Job Hunting section, you'll find direct links to Revelstoke sections of every job site where local employers post openings for local talent. Add to this the career sections on many employer websites and it's a total zoo.

Every time a new body is needed, employers are forced to utilize this inefficient system since they can't be sure where job hunters will look. Every time a new job hunter begins a search, they must wade through 15 sites hoping to spot something new. That is until now.

The # 1 Page on MyRevelstoke.ca

The traffic is there so instead of paying for ads and making Revy job hunters jump through hoops trying to find them, post your job on your website, Work BC, or even a Google Doc, and add a direct link to it here. Job hunters now see at a glance all the jobs being offered by company and job title, with employers posting ads in just one location with absolute confidence they will be found.


  • $20 per link (stays up until notification of position filled)
  • $100 per month for up to 10 links (6 month minimum subscription)
  • Applicable taxes extra

$5 to Local Charities

To make sure all those job hunting eyes hit this page first, besides advertisements here and on partner sites, $5 from each $20 post and $10 from every monthly subscription is split evenly between the Food Bank and local Humane Society (settled monthly).

Together we are better.