Revelstoke Feature Musician

Jeannie Weston

Debut Album "For You"

Born and raised in Revelstoke, like most Revelstokians, Jeannie Weston is incredibly modest about her considerable talents and passion. Mother of three boys (Nathan, Josh, and Kaleb), Jeannie is the third of four children in a family of talented musicians (see Jerry Story Band on YouTube) and piano physicians (see Story & Company Pianos).

Working alongside music legend Myles Black and his team of studio talent, in 2017 Jeannie produced "For You", a most divine debut album of songs dedicated to family and faith. With an intense focus to produce the most rich and refined sound possible, the resulting achievement is nothing short of spectacular.


Visit today. This is a first class, born in Revelstoke production worthy of your consideration and support. Download the album, put on your headphones, and get ready for a treat. You won't believe your ears.


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