Revelstoke Feature Artist

Frank Madden


I grew up in the wilds of Northern Ontario near Sault Ste Marie before studying media and classical animation at Sheridan College.

I appreciate art that simplifies and boldens. Right now I paint with acrylic, working with landscapes as a foundational base.

I gain inspiration from many artists but I'm always taken by the Group of Seven. I'd like to think my subconscious aesthetic is to have some element of that expression in my work. I see draftsmanship as a process of image making in any medium. I'm practicing the basics and aspiring to express myself knowledgeably and artfully.

I am in Revelstoke B.C. to see what happens—with me and with my art—to see what comes to be as I grow and learn.

For inquiries, email is preferred. But because I truly am in that struggling artist category, please CALL ANYTIME you'd like to add my work to your world.

Frank Madden

778 252 4676

For inquiries, please email


Sawpit Bay Lake Superior Provincial Park • $200


Sunset Along Hwy 17 • $100


Begbie • SOLD


McPherson • SOLD


Revelstoke • $100


Reflections and Fishing • SOLD


The Hunt • SOLD


Sunset Along Hwy 17 Part 2 • $100


Old Woman Bay Lake Superior Provincial Park • SOLD


Naturally Influenced Stairway in Lake Superior Provincial Park • $200

For inquiries, please email

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